Today in the modern world everyone want to earn money from Education and everyone want to do buisness in Education. But the most important thing , that is” EDUCATION IS A REALLY BUISNESS  OR   NOT” . Because it does not matter how much money can be earn from Education . In today’s world if anyone wants to become a Teacher, Doctor, Professor only for earning a money. But anyone do not want to improving the knowledge through Education.

But  the education should not use for only earning a money . It should be used for improving the knowledge and good skills.

Govt. should take this steps for education and for students :

• Access to private school based on the capacity to pay fees contravenes the human rights principles of equality of opportunity in education.

• Governments and civil society must critically examine the repercussions of privatization in education if we are to prevent the destruction of the universality of the right to education.

• Governments must put an end to market-driven education reforms such as providing subsidies to private education, and instead provide the maximum possible resources to public education

• Governments must establish and maintain a transparent and effective system to monitor and regulate private education providers.

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