HEY …friends my today topic is life is not a bed of roses. In today’s modern world everybody can be know what is life or everybody ‘ll be  know about life.

In my thinking LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES . In actually meaning we can not enjoy every time in  life. The struggle is most important part of in our life. Because the luck is not  help us every time.   It is a full of thorns. There are very ups ans downs in life. It is like stream of river which flows a no. of phases. Hope is only power  in us which makes us stand at different phases of life.

There are more sorrows then joy than joys in life. We can not ignore the bitter truth of life and can only search some sweet moments of happiness to keep ourselves satisfied.

Our life is very hard. But it can be easy with the help of struggle. We should have some goals in our life . Which we can complete with struggle. We can win in our life.


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