Hello everyone, today I want to share with u “WHO I AM AND WHY I AM HERE”. In this topic first I am going to write about Who I am ?. In this blog I want to share some views about me.
WHO I am?
First of all I am Harjot kaur from Punjab in India. I am new author of the WordPress.com. I am doing BCA management from Rayat bahara university. I belong to very small village in Punjab.
And first of all I want to tell u that I have no much experience in Blogging. A two month ago I wrote some blogs for someone. And I had no knowledge about blogs. But when I was read about blogs than I thought about it. And I was read about it everyday. And after one month I chose a one way for blogging that is wordpress.com. I created account on wordpress.com and post a one blog.
But one that is nobody like my post and nobody visitors. Than I shared it on facebook and send link my some friends. But you know that everybody has no knowledge about it . My friends just like but not read it. And after some time I connected with LinkedIn.
Now I want to tell u why I m here? First I told u that I have no much knowledge about blogging. And I want to learn every thing about blogging and SEO. I know I can do it. I Shared my ever blog in publish because I want every successful blogger and clients can see it and offer me any traning and earning. Because I want to become a successful blogger. It is a big reason to choose this way. If any successful blogger contact with me on linkedIn than I will learn everything because it is my need. In next two month I want to get a big experience of blogging. And I “ll like to write some topics which is related with whole the world. And I know I ‘ll do it in some time. who i am and ahy i am here?

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